Wednesday, December 07, 2016

Through it All

I'm not sure where thirty-one years went. From the first Christmas together as a married couple, house-sitting gigs, juggling night shift for him and teaching half-time for me, then the first baby. Seminary. Pregnant with our second son. Packing and moving overseas to be dorm parents in Taiwan. The birth of our son in a Chinese hospital, with 12 older sisters in our care. Returning to the States with two young sons, pregnant with our older daughter.

The first of many unemployment and under-employment challenges. Recurring health challenges for me, later diagnosed as M.S. Built our first home with the Self-Help Building Program. Pregnant with our book-end baby girl. Another Master's degree for my husband. Raising four children with three high school/community college graduations in four years. Mostly stable health for me, with relapses every couple years. More jobs and side jobs on my husband's resume. Changed our address four years ago and changed it back recently.

But through it all, God's overwhelming grace and provision. Happy and blessed 31st anniversary to us!

Pictured: Happy to be together, thirty-one years and counting!

A Maskil of Ethan the Ezrahite. I will sing of the steadfast love of the LORD, forever; with my mouth I will make known your faithfulness to all generations. Psalm 89:1

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Anonymous said...

Yes, Yes, Yes!!! Happy to see you together. What a blessing and gift or lives with our husbands are. I am SOOO glad I have mine....giggle, giggle. :) Sometimes I look at him and it feels all brand new. Then there are times I look at him and I realize if it weren't for him my life would be very different. Every time I look at him I realize what a privilege it is Father choose me to be his wife.

I love you,