Thursday, July 28, 2016

Timely Encouragement

My father-in-law skipped ahead. And found great encouragement in the devotional for July 29, the day of his scheduled open heart surgery.

"Prayer: Lord, I am constantly asking you to give me your strength, to change me and heal me. But nothing is more empowering and life transforming than simply adoring you. Inject the truth of your wisdom, love, holiness, and sovereignty down deep into my heart until it catches fire there and makes me new. Amen."

Gladden the soul of your servant, for to you, O Lord, do I lift up my soul. For you, O Lord, are good and forgiving, abounding in steadfast love to all who call upon you. Give ear, O LORD, to my prayer; listen to my plea for grace. Psalm 86:4-6 ESV

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Anonymous said...

How fun. My Save and I just finished our devotions. This is one of the books we use. Yes, those are ENCOURAGING words. Father always arranges things so we have what we need when we need it.

I am trusting Father with you.